How to determine your head/hat size?

Take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of your head, slightly above the top ears, with the tape held fairly closely to the head.

Wrap tape gently around your head making certain tape lies midway on your occipital bone (that little bump in the middle of the back of your head)

(If you don't have a tape measure, then use a piece of string or wool to measure around your head and then check the length using a flat ruler or other measure.)

Measure your head circumference 2 or 3 times to be accurate.

How choose the right size for your hat?

Depending on your head circumference, find the corresponding hat size.

Hat Size     Head Size in Inches        Head Size in Cm

S Small           21 1/8" - 21 1/2"     54 cm - 55 cm

M Medium     21 7/8" - 22 1/4"            56 cm - 57 cm

L Large           22 5/8" - 23"            58 cm - 59 cm

XL X-Large      23 1/2" - 23 7/8"            60 cm - 61 cm

If your measurement falls in the middle of two sizes, we strongly recommend that you choose the larger of the values. The hat will be more comfortable to wear.

How to care for your De Bornarel Hat:

The hats are delivered in a specially designed storage bag to protect the shape and life of the hat.

If the felt gets dusty or dirty, brush gently with a horsehair brush

Dust can also be removed by wiping the hat gently with a dampened towel.

For pet hair or fuzz, wipe gently with a piece of tape. Wrap the tape around your fingers, sticky side out, and sweep across the surface of the hat.

If the hat becomes wet due to rain or weather, let it dry naturally on a flat surface.

Use a clean cloth or towel to absorb excess moisture. Then put a dry towel inside the hat, being careful to conform to the original size and shape of the hat.

Caution: the wet hat will dry in the shape you leave it in

Do not store your hat in a car, regardless of weather or climate. Both humidity and dryness can alter or damage the shape, color and fabric of your hat.

Comment mesurer son tour de tête?

Mesurez votre tour de tête en faisant passer un mètre ruban, à environ 1 cm au-dessus des oreilles, au niveau du front à environ 1 cm au dessus des sourcils et enfin au niveau de la bosse arrière du crâne. Ajuster le mètre ruban lorsque vous mesurez votre tour de tête.

Si vous n'avez pas de mètre ruban, vous pouvez utiliser un morceau de corde ou de ruban (non-extensible).

Mesurez 2 à 3 fois pour être le plus précis possible.

Comment connaître sa taille de chapeau ?

En fonction de votre tour de tête, trouvez la taille de chapeau correspondante.

Si votre mesure tombe au milieu de deux tailles, il est recommandé que vous choisissiez la plus grande des valeurs. Ainsi, le port du chapeau sera plus confortable.

Taille          Tour de tête en Cm

S Small           54 cm - 55 cm

M Medium        56 cm - 57 cm

L Large           58 cm - 59 cm

XL X-Large        60 cm - 61 cm

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